Strong Managers


Department heads and team managers shoulder the day-to-day burden. The most effective learn how they – as individuals and through their teams – can assert control and turn disruption to their advantage.

The Strong Managers Workshop is a chance for managers to see where disruption emerges, and how it plays out within the company. I set the scene with cases of economic, societal, environmental, and technology-led shifts. I then invite managers to consider your business and their own teams.

Through this framework, attendees see how disruption affects day-to-day work, and also its psychological impact on people. They learn resilient management practices and find ways to support their team members.

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Disruption 1.0


Every employee has a role in mastering disruption for long-term value. With all hands on deck the company’s response will be both quicker and better.

My Disruption 1.0 Seminars are a chance for people from any department and at any level to understand how disruption works, and how your company can best respond. I tailor the content around feedback we gather from attendees via a questionnaire completed in advance. Sessions last about two hours.

The seminars cover various topics – risks to stakeholders, finances, operations, and reputation; meaning for strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue. I design the content to the disruption you face today, to help your people answer the questions that matter most.

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Find out more

Please ring or send an e-mail if you would like to talk about working with me. I am also available to speak or write on the strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue questions of industry disruption.


I work backstage with the senior team and board to turn disruption into value for stakeholders.


Coaching enables individuals to build leadership capacity and achieve strong outcomes.


My workshops and seminars are a chance to learn the skills required to master disruption.


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