Executive coaching

Disruption can exact a heavy toll on the strategy and practice of a company. The burden on executives and senior managers is also immense – to solve problems, overhaul systems, guide teams, reassure people, maintain performance, and keep strong.

Executive coaching can foster the leadership a company needs to master disruption. This is because the work is designed to achieve two kinds of goal – business or organisational; and developmental.

My aim is to create a space where a person or small team can develop new capability and steer the company through change. A programme moves at pace, to bring results that are seen in individual behaviour and organisational outcomes.

(Coaching for me is never a fireside chat, where I ask your colleague what he fancies talking about today. Nor is it a training programme where I hammer someone with theories and PowerPoint.)



My clients face complex strategic, operational, and people-related obstacles and must achieve results against the odds. Each is open to a robust, imaginative conversation.


We work toward both development and organisational goals. Our aim is to build capability for a clear business purpose; this aids clarity and commitment.


The process is bespoke. We typically meet every three weeks, to examine events and situations that are relevant to our purpose. All exchanges are in confidence.


With our dual goals in mind, we look at personal and corporate barriers to change, to discover fresh leadership thinking and steps toward strong outcomes.


Fresh thinking

“Quentin draws on his wealth of experience as both a leader and a coach to challenge thinking and reveal a new direction. He has lots of practical advice for improving communication, engaging with stakeholders, and shaping a vision.”


Strong outcomes

“I very much recommend Quentin’s thought leadership and his gift for uncovering new paths to engagement and best practice. He has an amazing way of shaping and framing ideas to enhance clarity of thinking and deliver robust outcomes.”

Quentin Millington at LSE

Find out more

Please ring or send an e-mail if you would like to talk about working with me. I am also available to speak or write on the strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue questions of industry disruption.


I work backstage with the senior team and board to turn disruption into value for stakeholders.


Coaching enables individuals to build leadership capacity and achieve strong outcomes.


My workshops and seminars are a chance to learn the skills required to master disruption.


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