My value in practice

I work backstage with the senior team and board to turn disruption into value for stakeholders. What I do enables individuals to take stock of the complex risks they face. Together, we find new possibility in the forces that can inspire or defeat a business. As we go along I also coach executives to build leadership resilience and strength.


I have run complex organisations, and know first-hand the pain of leading through disruption. My ideas are always relevant to business and grounded in reality.


With a good mind, I learn quickly and offer imaginative, often controversial thinking. My content breaks logjams and inspires fresh ways to view problems.


A proven method means we look at risks for stakeholders, finances, operations, and reputation. We miss nothing to uncover good answers to hard questions.


With risks contained and interim plan underway, I clarify the questions of strategy, leadership, practice and dialogue required for a longer-term response.


Confident with bold questions, I challenge everyone to be open and realistic. We robustly navigate dilemmas, conquer doubt, and find possibility amid disruption.


A disrupted economy exacts a hefty price. I coach executives to overcome personal barriers to change, and to lead though relentless demands and mounting pressure.


Executives are rightly busy running their business. But industries move fast and change calls for real attention. I hold each person to account for mastering disruption.

Quentin Millington

Find out more

Please ring or send an e-mail if you would like to talk about working with me. I am also available to speak or write on the strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue questions of industry disruption.


I work backstage with the senior team and board to turn disruption into value for stakeholders.


Coaching enables individuals to build leadership capacity and achieve strong outcomes.


My workshops and seminars are a chance to learn the skills required to master disruption.


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